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Experiences by Bunz

This is a concept that was tested with users in 2016 and 2017 to gauge the interest in the Bunz community to see if a viable business opportunity presented itself by allowing users to share and make money from sharing their skillsets or improving what they're already good at.

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A lot of learnings from the motion and ux here went into building the roadmap and prototypes for Bunz V3.0.

Experiences started off after observing the thriving Bunz community in Toronto. Seeing a lot of artists, musicians and creatives using the Bunz platform we decided to prototype and test a product internally with the team and a few Bunz members.

The initial prototype proved to be a success within the Toronto community, there were a few hiccups such as many users not having credit cards but that could be resolved with crypto currencies and payments within the product. To scale and break even with the burn rate of the company would take approximate 3000 bookings at $20 per month, which is doable but requires massive scale in many cities.

Gesture-based navigation. Here are the major interactions I've created for this product.

Super-simple and to the point: a giant button stuck to the bottom of the experience view screen. Pressing it brings up options to book the event on a date, time and allows users to increment or decrement the number of people attending.

A simple interaction to take the current user to a chat and then to the chat recipient's profile. There are subtle animations hinting at where the application is taking you in relational space and how to get back.

Splitting the content up into tabs so it's not too overwhelming for the user. This ux also lays out information in a more concise manner than putting everything into one screen vertically.

Since your avatar is right on the home screen, a simple tap to that will bring you to your own profile. Content on your profile elegantly slides into view; Focus is on just one call to action.

Creating a new experience is a swipe or tap away. I do know this overall create experience could be made better but since this project is on hold for the time being no other work and research has gone into it.

Simply swipe right from the home screen to get to your chats, tap to enter a chat and then swipe left to exit when you're done. This should feel like a tool you're already familiar with.